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Social drinking, elevated.

Cannabis infused seltzer

Hi5 Cannabis Seltzer's with their fruit flavors

Drink Weed.

Drink Weed.

Drink Weed.

Drink Weed.

A refreshing new way to enjoy cannabis

We know, another "alternative" seltzer, right? Wrong! Hi5 is a fast-acting, revolutionary new cannabis drink with zero calories, natural fruit flavors, and 5mg of THC from locally grown cannabis in every can.

Hi5 Cannabis Seltzer Lemon flavor with lemons
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Fast Acting

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Gluten Free

zero calories

Zero Calories

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5mg of THC

Faster than your average


Stop waiting too long.
Stop feeling too high.

The effects of edibles can take hours to hit, and then all at once leave you feeling like a thousand pounds of jelly.
Hi5 is different.



Feel it in 5.

Hi5 seltzers take effect in under five minutes, making it easy to fine-tune your buzz. No more waiting hours to get way higher than you mean to.

Get Hi5

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Get Highdrated

Seriously though, cannabis drinks are the future. All the buzz with no hangovers, no calories, and no waiting game. After 2020, we all deserve a Hi5.

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