Nothing kills the vibe at the party like eating an edible and waiting to feel it.

Why wait for the fun to begin? When drinking a Hi5 cannabis infused seltzer, you'll feel the effects quickly, in about 5 minutes. That way, you can avoid the "I don't feel anything, I'll eat another" danger zone that everyone has a story about, like that one time at that concert...ditch the edibles, grab a Hi5, and​ stop worrying if you had too much or too little.

Tiny particles.

Big effects

We use a state-of-the-art nano-emulsification process that creates microscopic particles of THC.

Pomegranate Hi5 in kitchen
Peach Mango Hi5 surrounded by cut peaches and mangoes.
Black Cherry Hi5 surrounded by black cherries

It's like this - the smaller particles make it easier for your body to absorb and process. So, the effects are felt faster and dissipate quicker, too.

With edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis infused products, you need to metabolize and break them down for your body to absorb, leading to less control over what you will feel and when you will feel it. Did we tell you about that time at that concert…

It's a new way of enjoying cannabis in a range of flavors only a seltzer could offer.

delicious fruity flavors


There are 1200 varieties of watermelon (trust us, we checked) but only Hi5 Watermelon cannabis infused seltzer can give you that iconic summer fruit flavor all year long. Find one at a dispensary near you!

Watermelon Seltzer

Winter Mule

Hi5 Winter Mule cannabis infused seltzer will have you breaking out the copper mugs because this classic combination of ginger and lime is sure to keep you warm all season long. Find one at a dispensary near you!

Winter Mule Seltzer


Hi5 Cranberry cannabis infused seltzer will leave your taste buds feeling like they're dancing in a cranberry bog on a crisp New England day.

Cranberry Seltzer


Hi5 Pineapple cannabis infused seltzer will have you feeling those beach vacation vibes in no time (sorry, beach hat and sunscreen not included...yet).

Pineapple Seltzer


The ancient Greeks believed that the pomegranate tree sprang from the blood of Dionysus, the god of wine. We think history is weird.

Pomegranate Seltzer

Black Cherry

Tart, dark and mysterious. You deserve something sweet.

Black Cherry Seltzer


A Jamaican farmer coined the term “grapefruit” in the 1800s for what was previously called "the forbidden fruit". We'll drink to that.

Grapefruit Seltzer

Peach Mango

Tangy mango and juicy peach become one, like lovers entwined. Pits not included.

Peach Mango Seltzer


When life gives you lemons, give yourself a Hi5! What are you waiting for?

Lemon Seltzer


A hint of juicy sweet limes will have you feeling like a funky traveler in a welcoming land.

Lime Seltzer

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Fast Acting, Low Calorie, 5mg of THC,

Fast Acting, Low Calorie, 5mg of THC,

Frequently Asked Questions


How long should it take to feel the effects of Hi5?


Most consumers feel the effects in as little as five minutes, but be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before having another.


Why is Hi5 better than other infused seltzers?


Hi5 seltzers are zero calories, gluten-free, lab-tested, and fast-acting. Moreover, Hi5 seltzers use a proprietary infusion process to ensure a consistent shelf-stable product.


How does Hi5 compare with other marijuana edible products?


Hi5 seltzers have a much quicker onset compared to other marijuana edibles--which can have a delayed onset (60 minutes or more). Solid edibles and tinctures also tend to be more unpredictable in terms of onset, dosage, and length of the high. Hi5 infused seltzers give you more control.