Hi5 Energy

Energy Drink

Fast-acting THC + Caffeine

With 5mg of THC and 80mg of caffeine, Hi5 Energy is formulated to lift you up quickly and keep you there.

It’s made for those of us who seek a little excitement in our daily lives, but aren’t trying to jump motorcycles over the Grand Canyon or skydive from space.

An energy drink for the rebels crazy enough to take the stairs, even when there’s an elevator.

Hi5 Energy is for those of us who are just a little rebellious.
Like the people who walk by an elevator to run up the stairs, or go swimming less than 30 minutes after eating. Hi5 Energy isn’t just a lifestyle … it’s a brand.

1 HI5 Energy provides the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of coffee

1 Hi5

1 cup
of coffee

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